Simple Work for the Dead Out Now!

Brett Netson’s captivating new album Simple Work for the Dead (CD) is available now via New High Recordings. Netson is a member of the acclaimed band Built To Spill and has toured with the likes of Mark Lanegan, Bob Forrest’s Bicycle Thief and his own band Caustic Resin. This will be his anticipated solo debut.

The tracks for Simple Work for the Dead were culled from sessions stretching back over ten years. But the groundwork for the project was laid even further back, in a time when Netson was a teenager on the bus coming into the punk/anarchist scene of downtown Boise. It was a setting of decaying buildings, empty lots and a freedom to occupy the margins. Netson, “I felt like I was finding other orphan types, to form a new culture, a new sort of heritage, of doing without asking permission.”

The album is an epic personal playlist, veering off into unexpected and powerful territories, the words not so much heard as felt, imagery emerging upon repeated listening. It plays like an unexpected note from your neighbor. Not a complaint, but an observation and an offer of help, a sonic attempt to break through the barriers that isolate people – an affecting and personal soundtrack for all those likeminded orphans who act without permission.

Netson explains, “My band Caustic Resin was more of a call to a feral subversive lifestyle, but the intent here was to make music for everyone. The songs on this record were mostly written as they were recorded and each song was usually done in one sitting. If there is a reoccurring theme, it’s a meditation on the end of capitalism and cheap energy – sad songs about western culture’s craving for authority in the guise of convenience and comfort. How we are helpless and the future is uncertain.”

Brett Netson will on tour with his day job Built to Spill this fall. Click here for more info.

Brett Netson Discography:

01. Silence Sampler No. 1 (Silence)
02. Caustic Resin – Body Love Body Hate (C/Z)
03. Built To Spill – Ultimate Alternative Wavers (C/Z)
04. Caustic Resin – Yeah, Right (Up)
05. Stacked Up! compilation (Up)
06. Caustic Resin – Fly Me To The Moon (Up)
07. Built To Spill Caustic Resin (Up)
08. Built To Spill – Perfect From Now On (Up/WBR)
09. Up In Orbit! compilation (Up)
10. Caustic Resin – The Medicine Is All Gone (Alias)
11. Caustic Resin – Mysteries Of.. (Alias)
12. Caustic Resin – Trick Question (Alias)
13. Built To Spill – Live (Up/WBR)
14. Caustic Resin – The After Birth (Alias)
15. Built To Spill – Ancient Melodies Of The Future (Up/WBR)
16. Mark Lanegan – Field Songs (Sub Pop)
17. Mike Johnson – What Would You Do (Up)
18. Caustic Resin – Keep On Truckin’ (Up)
19. The Delusions – Keeping Up Appearances (self released)
20. Mark Lanegan – Here Comes That Weird Chill EP (Beggars Banquet)
21. Mark Lanegan – Bubblegum
22. Mike Johnson – Gone Out of Your Mind
23. Burning Brides – Leave No Ashes
24. Built To Spill – They Got Away/Rearrange EP
25. Built to Spill – There is no Enemy