RT N’ THE 44s


RT N’ THE 44s is a Folk Noir Country band created by singer/songwriter RT Valine. Founded in 2009, the band originated in Los Angeles, CA . Using instruments crafted from tin, 2×4’s and salvaged parts, RT has stated that RT N’ THE 44s was born out of “an attempt to make listenable music from junk”.[1] They have been described as a “vintage country band with dark obsessions”.[2] The band is often seen busking at various locations throughout Los Angeles – In the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston.[3] As members of the New LA Folkfest the band has performed with T-Model Ford, Tom Brosseau, John C. Reilly, and Red Simpson, among other notable acts.[4] RT N’ THE 44s performs annually at The Roots Roadhouse Festival and Autry National Center. This is their debut Full Length Vinyl release on New High Recordings.